Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I dont know why , but I miss you
I miss the way you care about me . 
I miss your kiss on my forehead . 
The way you hold my hand . 
I used to change your gear while you're driving . 
I used to tease you when you drove . 
I miss the scent of your car . 
I miss the way you stare at me . 
I miss to argue with you about little things. 
I used to text you even you're next to me . 
The way you smile at me when I look at you . 
Everyday , we had lunch and dinner together .
I never get bored with you even you're the most annoying . 
Yes , I get jealous of little thing . That's just because I dont want anybody else to have you . 
I become so clingy to you . 
I even have no idea , but the guy I want right now is no one else , but you , Fariz . 
I really miss you . It's seriously from the bottom of my heart . No joke . I mean it 😞